I 'm sorry I can't talk I am painting my nails........

Well it's been a way way to long of a time since I have last posted. Life seems to get busy with 3 little ones, and my new obsession. And yes I do mean obsession. My dear friend Working Diva had a post a while back about home manicures. Well since in the dead of winter there is nothing outside to do, I thought what a great idea. Little Pixie and I love to go and get mani's and peds so why not just do them ourselves. With me being in the industry for 8 years and having a sleu of products I can do this. I use to do this for a living.

Well a great nail polish company had a deal going where they would exchange your old polish for new polish http://www.zoya.com/ for a minimal price you had to at least exchange 6 polishes up to 200, WOW! So I picked all my 18 colors and am awaiting there arrival. In the mean time I have been keeping up with my nails everyday. I have had some tragedies but it's all good. Nail glue is my friend.

I was talking to my Best Buddy yesterday and she knows all about my new little "Happy Place" and she told me " Sunrae, I think your a little OCD about this!" Well maybe that's the case, but it's something that I truly enjoy doing and have had a little extra time. Before my babies, this is what I use to do. I was in a salon everyday. Playing with Hair, Make up, Nails, all that fun girly stuff. Then I retired for a new job, being a mommy. So now that my babies are getting bigger and my Little Pixie loves all these girly things to it is a great way for us to spend time together.



I believe it's starting to hit. That dreaded case of winter BLAHS! I am very excited to see Mr. Sunshine greet us everymorning. The tips of green leaves popping out after a long winters nap. And the sweet songs of natures friend awaking me with a serenade.
But until then I guess we have to get our shovels ready, (AGAIN!!!) are snow beats and and have are thermal mugs ready for a yummy hot drink! We will see what mother nature has in store for us this weekend!!!!



Well it has been almost a month since I last checked in. I got caught up in the hussle and bussle of the holidays! All the preperation and it's gone. Needless to say we had a very enjoyable holiday!
And now it's time to say Addios to 2008!.
There was very good times and there were some poopy times. But needless to say I am very fortunate for my Family, Friends, Health,.
I wish you all many many blessing in 2009!

with much love,
P.S. I am going to try and post more for 2009!


How will do you know your neighbors?

So I got this email today from a dear friend of mind! We All forward emails at times. Everyone does it. Some of it is funny, some sad, some you will be guaranteed to win lots of money if you send it to 10 friends if not you will be cursed in some way! and some just get deleted after the first couple words!
Anyways, I did get a very informative one today which I did forward to everyone in my personal contact list. I think everyone should check it out. It really lets you know who your neighbors are. You type in your address and it has listed all the Bad Bad People around.

I just thought I would share this with you all!

Many Blessings!


On This day, My baby was born,,,,,,

I'm 3 (Hard to believe)

I'm 2

I'm 1

They Day I was Born!!!!

Well today is my littlest 3rd birthday! Wow how time fliesAdd Video. He has had a very special day.
It feels like yesterday I was begging the doctor to induce me because I have such big babies. And that day came. They took him 10 days early. I was induced thank goodness. He did not want to join the world at first but then out he came.
Mason Dean Joel ( Named after his uncle)
9lbs 7 ozs 21 3/4 in.
and now.....

My little guy has now moved to the world of big boy beds. Which he has gotten for his birthday. He has done absoulutely super staying in at nite!!!
(SO FAR!!!)
We are waiting for his Daddy and Big Brother to get home so we can have a very special birthday dinner. On the menu:

~Hot dogs, On the grill
~ABC tater tots
~Pork and Beans
~Whole Cranberries in the can mixed with Manderin Oranges His Favorite
~Choclate Milk
And very special cupcakes in which my little man requested! This means he has more frosting to lick off each of the mini cakes. YUMM~O
Well I must go so I can spend time with my big guy!


And the award goes to......

Well I had been awarded by my very sweet sweet friend
enthusiastically ellebee from Church. She has been partaking in the nablopomo for the month of November. Poor lady was sick and still found time to write something. On top of working, being mommy, and wife. God bless you.
I love visiting her blog. She is also having a week of giveaways this week in which you should check out. musings of a working diva She is very computer savvy and in time I hope I can be as creative with this blog as she is! Much love to you Ellebee

And to The BEST big brother in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Jell~o
Gathering Life for Eternity if it was for not him and the starting of his blog which I had became highly addicted to. I would know nothing about the blogging world. He is one of the busiest men I know. He is in his final year at seminary and he will make the most wonderful priest. He is such a compassionate man , good hubby. Rockin: daddy, and a Super cool uncle and like I said, the BESTEST big brother in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!
I love you bunches, Deacon Jell~0.
Make sure you stop by and say hi to him!